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Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Lettuce wraps are easy and healthy appetizers. They are low in carbs, high in protein and perfect if you are trying to lose weight.It only takes about 20-25 minutes make these. The key ingredient is hoisin sauce which is sweet, salty, slightly tangy, spiced sauce that’s like the Chinese equivalent to American barbecue sauce. If [...]

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Pumpkin dip/salad/hummus (पाकेको फर्सीको अचार)

Pumpkin hummus (pickle) (पाकेको फर्सीको अचार) Though this humble backyard vegetable is less in calories, nonetheless, it carries vitamin , and antioxidants in abundance and  is rich in dietary fiber,  minerals. It is one of the very low calorie vegetables. 100 g fruit provides just 26 calories and contains no saturated fats or cholesterol.  The vegetable [...]

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Healthy Coleslaw – Low Calorie Diet Salad

Coleslaw is a salad consisting primarily of shredded raw cabbage. Since cabbage is incredibly nutritious, yet very low in fat and calories, with 100 g of leaves providing just 25 calories, it is a great choice of vegetable if you are trying to be on low calorie diet. Original coleslaw is dressed with mayonnaise and/or buttermilk. My [...]

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