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Mint Cilantro Chutney or Pesto (पुदिना/बाबरी र धनियाको अचार)

Mint has one of the highest antioxidant capacities of any food. Learning how to use fresh herbs and spices like mint when cooking can also help to cut down on sodium intake. Some of the benefits of mint are, it promotes digestion and hence the weight loss, great appetizer or palate cleanser, soothes stomach aches, [...]

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Pico de Gallo (मेक्सिकन गोलभेडा को अचार)

What is Pico de Gallo? Pico de Gallo is a Mexican salad made from fresh chopped tomato, white onion, and green chilis.  In Mexico it is sometimes called ensalada mexicana (Mexican salad). Because the colors of the red tomato, white onion, green chili are reminiscent of the colors of the Mexican flag, it is also [...]

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