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Halwai ko Mithai – Sweets

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Mouthwatering authentic mithais (local sweets) from streets of Kathmandu

Some of the popular sweets from mithai pasals are Jeri, Swari,Puri,Rasbari, Peda, Burfi, Laddoo, Lal Mohan, Lakhamari, Malpuwa, Halwa, Guwaramari etc. Sweets from mithai pasals are especially popular treats during festivals and weddings in Nepal.

Traditional sweet making in Kathmandu Valley is a complex sociological matter that brings together art and tradition. Births, marriages, birthdays, deaths and other cultural and social occasions require an overwhelming variety of sweets with particular shapes and ingredients, each symbolic of certain norms and beliefs. In addition, these might differ among the many sub-clans within the Newar communities. A real sweet-maker needs to know all of this-this is not a tradition that forgives negligence.

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