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Sweets aka Mithai

In Nepal, Sweets or Desserts are commonly referred to as Mithai. Births, marriages, birthdays, deaths and other cultural and social occasions require different types of sweets.

Easy Fusion Recipe - Halwai ko Mithai

Mainly, we can divide Nepali Mithai into two categories. First is milk based Mithai where the key ingredient is either powdered or liquid milk. For example, Lalmohan, Peda, Burfi, Rasbari, doodhbari etc.

Second category of mithai is based on Oil, Sugar, and Flour. Example, Sel Roti, Puri, Swari, Mal Puwa, Lakhamari, Haluwa etc. A variety of dry fruits are also use during Nepali Mithai making. For example, gundpak, haluwa, masala laddu etc make use of cashew nut, raisins, almonds, coconuts etc.