Nepali Watermelon Rind Pickle ( नेपाली तरिकाले तयार पारेको खरबुजाको बोक्राको अचार)

Nepali Watermelon Rind Pickle (नेपाली तरिकाले तयार पारेको खरबुजाको बोक्राको अचार)
Watermelon is popular during summer months and quite refreshing, and healthy at the same time. This pickle recipe can accompany any meal such as rice, roti, or simply be a side dish. The long fermentation allows the probiotics to grow and multiply, and the nutrients in the watermelon rind to be easy to digest.

Peeled and chopped rind from half medium sized watermelon
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 tsp turmeric powder (to taste)
1/2 cup mustard seeds
2 tsp red chili powder
Salt to taste

Scoop out the flesh from the watermelon and reserve for eating. Peel the green skin off the watermelon rind with a sharp vegetable peeler or a sharp knife. Cut white rind into cubes that are about 1/2″ wide.
Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl. Now transfer the mix into pickling jar with air tight lid. Top off the achar with 1-2 tbsp oil before closing the lid to avoid the discoloration and fungus. Place the jar under direct sun light for about 3- 5 days (6-8 days in winter) for fermentation. Now the Watermelon Rind Pickle is ready to be served. Once the desired sourness is reached, keep it inside the refrigerator to avoid excessive fermentation.

Health Tip: The human body has and needs billions of probiotic bacteria to function effectively. When you take antibiotics, you’re killing the good bacteria along with the bad ones. Fermented food like Watermelon Rind Pickle /Achar helps restore the good bacteria that are lost due to antibiotics.

Nepali Watermelon Rind Pickle/Achar (खरबुजाको बोक्राको अचार) is ready to be served.

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