Puri पुरी (Deep Fried Crunchy Flat bread)

puri swari

Originally published: Dec 31, 2012

What is Puri?

Puri (पुरी) is most commonly served at breakfast. It is also served at special or ceremonial functions as part of ceremonial rituals along with halawa, kheer offered in prayer as prasad.


  • 2 cups of  Flour
  • 1  cup of Water
  • Ghee/Oil to deep fry

Mix flour and water to make dough. Cover the dough with a think cloth or plastic wrap for few hours until its is soft. Once the dough is ready, start heating up the ghee/oil on the deep frying pan. Take a small ping pong ball size of dough and roll out to a thin circle, about 7 cm in diameter. Once the oil is hot, slide the rolled puri into it. Press it with the spatula to let it puff up. Turn the side, and cook it for few sec, until it is light golden in color. Take out of the oil and spread out (do not stack up on top of each other).


Crunchy puri is ready to be served.

Note to self: I’m going to serve Puri with Alu Gravy to remind myself those college canteen days.

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